3k Static

3kStatic is an electronica music group founded in 1999.

The German radical newspaper Die Terz described their 2004 album, Perversion: for Profit, as 'working within the system to defeat the system...'

The group has released over 200 original tracks on 18 independent CDs, and are in recurring rotation on FM outlets in the USA, Europe, the UK and Africa. They, also, logged in more than 225,000 downloads on the former MP3.com, and were named 2003 Artist of the Year by the Mixdown, a weekly broadcast of WRVU FM in Nashville, Tennessee.

The group's work is featured on the soundtrack of the new season of MTV's Real World, and has also been licensed for various television commercials and independent films. Perversion: for Profit; uses audio sampled from the 1965 propaganda film Perversion for Profit, an anti-pornography diatribe hosted by George Putnam (newsman) and also garnered favorable reviews especially in Germany, where the band's often aggressive political comment was seen as a throwback to the earlier days of post-punk electronic and industrial music, influenced in part by the Situationist International as well as Dada.

The band's subsequent release The Great Republic was released in 2005, and distributed by Cargo Records (Germany)

In addition to the ardently leftist 'anti-art' and 'art as subversion' political statements that have become a centerpiece of the band's output, the band has been said to fuse an "eclectic sound scape" into their sound, which incorporates elements of art rock, trip hop, funk and house into an often densely produced collage reminiscent of dada art. Due to this clash of sounds and activist stance, their work has been described as "anarchist disco" and "post-industrial house".

Although their recordings could be considered album-oriented electronica, their college and independent radio singles include Drumbeat Litany, All The Way Alive, Shattered and The Music, which charted #1 on various underground dance charts in late 2004.

The band's 2006 album release Where's Our Piece of the Groovy World, and 2007 effort Voodoo Science were entry candidates (Best Electronic/Dance Album) for the 50th and 51st GRAMMY Awards, respectively. Both albums also include collaborations with artists outside the electronic music genre. Both albums also reached #1 on various digital music sales charts, with Where's Our Piece of the Groovy World hitting #1 on iTunes Europe, and Voodoo Science also seeing 12 tracks from the double album chart on various digital music retailers.

In February 2009, Sony Creative Software released the 3kStatic album Evolver and the companion sound library Evolver; Distinctive Electronica, the first Sony release of an original album and sound library.

On August 28, 2009, the 3kStatic track 'Projected Tones' entered the National Dance Chart(Canada) at #12 (#16 overall). The Canada chart is compiled by zipdj.com, North America's leading DJ pool for Dance/Club and Urban music.

The single 'Ma-Ma-Ma Belle', a reworking of the Electric Light Orchestra song recorded with Orchestra/ELO.Part II alum Parthenon Huxley also charted to #10 on the Cashbox Magazine Canada dance charts in December 2009.

The band recently completed post-production and remix work on the Vile Evils album Vive le vileevil and the Pop Will Eat Itself single 'Axe of Men 2010', and is producing remixes or tracks with P. Hux, Claudja Barry and Kevin Max.

The Kevin Max album 'Cotes d' Armor (True Rebels)' was released August 24, 2010. Produced by 3kStatic in association with Kevin Max, the album also features guest performances and contributions from Graham Crabb, Adrian Belew, Tedd T., Lynn Nichols and others.

A new EP 'Apokrifa Digita' was available in advance release from September 7, 2010 ., and was officially released November 16, 2010. 'Black Body Radiator', a single from the release, charted on the Cashbox Magazine Dance and Club charts for Canada. The band's remix of the KMFDM track 'Godlike 2010' is released September 14.

A new album - The Society of the Spectacle - is planned for 2012, the twelfth anniversary year of the 3kStatic collective. Theme From Cultural Unwind, an ambient track from the upcoming album was released as a free download via iTunes Ping, Amazon.com and iLike on March 21, 2011. The music of 3kStatic also appears in the 2010 theatrical release of the film Crackhead Jesus.

The 3kStatic 'Suburban Secrets Remix' of the single 'Little Mighty Rabbit' by iconic techno/acid house band Lords Of Acidwas released September 27, 2011 by Metropolis Records.

3kStatic has also recently completed remixes for Army of the Universe and Ku-Ling Bros, a project of Cabaret Voltaire founding member Stephen Mallinder, and is currently also remixing tracks from former Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson drummer Chris Vrenna.