20 Minutos

20 minutos is a free Spanish newspaper, with local editions in several Spanish cities, published by "Multiprensa & Mas S.L.", a company founded in Madrid in 1999.

It is published under an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons licence (this copyright entitles anyone to freely copy, distribute, display, make derivative works and commercial use of the work). Additionally, the newspaper can be downloaded from their site.

The company is a pioneer in publishing quality free daily newspapers in Spain. Its majority stockholder is "20 Min Holding", a leader in free daily newspapers in Switzerland, France, and Spain. 20 Min Holding's majority stockholder is Schibsted, a Norwegian communication group that was founded in 1839, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and has a strong presence in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, France, and Spain, where it is the owner of both paid and free newspapers, television stations, radio stations, multimedia, etc.

The CEO of 20 Min Holding is Sverre Munck (born 1953), who is:

  • a Norwegian economist, with a Ph. D. from Stanford, and Yale;
  • Executive VP, International Operations, at Schibsted ASA
  • President of Multiprensa Holding;
  • owner of Multiprensa & Mas, the publisher of "20 Minutes" in Spain;
  • President of the 20 Min Holding group;