1950 - Events - June


  • June 1–June 23 – Mauna Loa in Hawaii starts erupting.
  • June 3 – Annapurna I, 10th highest mountain in the world, is first ascended.
  • June 6 – Turkey: The Adhan in Arabic is legalized.
  • June 8 – Sir Thomas Blamey becomes the only Field Marshal in Australian history.
  • June 25 – Korean War begins: North Korean troops cross the 38th parallel into South Korea.
  • June 26 – The South African Parliament passes the Suppression of Communism Act, No. 44 of 1950.
  • June 27 – Korean War: U.S. President Harry S. Truman orders American military forces to aid in the defense of South Korea.
  • June 28
    • Korean War: North Korean forces capture Seoul.
    • Korean War: Hangang Bridge bombing.
    • Korean War: Seoul National University Hospital Massacre.

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