What are limited partners?

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Limited Partnerships In England And Wales
... In the United Kingdom, a limited partnership consists of one or more persons called general partners, who are liable for all debts and obligations of the firm and one ... Limited partners are not liable for the debts and obligations of the firm beyond the amount contributed ... Limited partners may not draw out or receive back any part of their contributions to the partnership during its lifetime or take part in the management of the business or ...
Partnership (Hong Kong) - Limited Partnership
... In a limited partnership the general partners are liable for all debts and obligations of the firm while the limited partners are liable only for the capital they contributed to the firm ... In a limited partnership the general partners manage the firm while the limited partners may not ... And should limited partners do so, then they become personally liable for the debts of obligations of the firm in the same manner as a general partner ...
Business Ownership Within England And Wales - Partnership - Limited Partnerships
... These are where one or more general partners enter or allow limited partners to go into business with them ... Limited partners often called sleeping partners have limited liability where general partners have full liability arranged in their agreement of ... This type of partnership is governed by the Limited Partnership Act 1907 ...

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