Welf is a Germanic first name that may refer to:

  • Welf (father of Judith), 9th century Frankish count, father-in-law of Louis the Pious
  • Welf I, d. bef. 876, count of Alpgau and Linzgau
  • Welf II, Count of Swabia, d. 1030, supposed descendant of Welf I
  • Welf, Duke of Carinthia (Welf III), d. 1055, son of Welf II
  • Welf I, Duke of Bavaria (Welf IV), d. 1101, nephew of Welf of Carinthia and son of Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan|Azzo II of Este
  • Welf II, Duke of Bavaria (Welf V), d. 1120, son of Welf I of Bavaria
  • Welf VI, d. 1191, Duke of Spoleto and Marchese of Tuscany, nephew of Welf II of Bavaria
  • Welf VII, d. 1167, Duke of Spoleto, son of Welf VI

Welf was also the name of two related dynasties:

  • Elder House of Welf, dynasty of European rulers in the 9th through 11th centuries to 1055
  • House of Welf, European dynasty that included many German and British monarchs from the 11th to 20th century