Water Resources Development Act of 2000 - Title III: Project-Related Provisions

Title III: Project-Related Provisions

Modifies the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway wildlife mitigation project, Alabama and Mississippi, to authorize removal of the wildlife mitigation purpose designation from up to 3,000 acres (12 km2) of such project's land, and to take related actions.

Modifies funding ratios and agreements on the following projects:

  • flood control project in Nogales, Arizona
  • navigation project in the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel, California
  • navigation on the Delaware River, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania,
  • storm damage reduction and shoreline protection, Rehoboth and Dewey Beach, Delaware,
  • shore protection, Gasparilla and Estero Island, Florida
  • the Upper Des Plaines River and tributaries, Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • dredging project at Poplar Island, Maryland
  • the project for navigation, Pemiscot County Harbor, Missouri.
  • the project for flood control, Duck Creek, Ohio
  • the Fox Point hurricane barrier in Providence, Rhode Island (by amending the WRDA 1999)
  • the flood control project, Levisa and Tug Forks of the Big Sandy River and Upper Cumberland River, Virginia
  • Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration in Maryland and Virginia (by amending WRDA 1986)

Modifies the following projects

  • navigation, Fernandina Harbor, Florida, to authorize the Secretary to realign the access channel
  • flood protection, East St. Louis and vicinity, Illinois, to include ecosystem restoration
  • navigation, Kaskaskia River, Illinois, to include recreation
  • navigation, Waukegan Harbor, Illinois, to extend such project's upstream limit.
  • flood control and power generation project, White River Basin, Arkansas and Missouri, to provide minimum flows necessary to sustain tail water trout fisheries.
  • a visitors center and other recreational features at the flood control project, Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System, Louisiana.
  • mitigation of fish and wildlife losses project, Red River Waterway, Louisiana, to authorize the purchase of additional mitigation lands
  • navigation project, Georges River, Maine, to redesignate a specified project portion
  • navigation project, Duluth Harbor, Minnesota, to include the relocation of Scenic Highway 61
  • clearing, snagging, and sediment removal, East Bank of the Mississippi River, Little Falls, Minnesota
  • project for flood control, Passaic River, New Jersey and New York, to give priority to nonstructural approaches to flood control as alternatives to construction of the Passaic River tunnel element. Establishes the Passaic River Flood Management Task Force
  • the project for environmental quality, Times Beach Nature Preserve, Buffalo, New York, to include recreation
  • the project for shoreline protection, Rockaway Inlet to Norton Point, New York, to authorize T-groins to improve sand retention.
  • the project for flood control, Nonconnah Creek, Tennessee and Mississippi, to authorize a protected area and hiking and biking trails
  • the flood control project, San Antonio channel, Texas, to include environmental restoration and recreation
  • the project for beach erosion control and hurricane protection, Sandbridge Beach, Virginia, to provide 50 years of periodic nourishment
  • sediment control project, Mount St. Helens, Washington, to maintain specified flood protection levels

Directs construction of an authorized flood control project in Cumberland, Kentucky.

Authorizes design and construction assistance for recreational facilities at William Jennings Randolph Lake, Maryland and West Virginia; and complete the project for flood damage reduction, Breckenridge, Minnesota, at a specified cost.

Authorizes the project for navigation, New Madrid County Harbor, Missouri.

Authorizes a project at Fort Peck Lake, Montana, for the design and construction of a fish hatchery and associated facilities necessary to sustain a multispecies fishery.

Directs maintenance dredging of the Sagamore Creek Channel, New Hampshire.

Directs a study of the Garrison Dam, North Dakota, feature of the project for flood control, Missouri River Basin, to determine if the damage to a certain water transmission line is the result of a design deficiency and, if so, to correct the deficiency.

Declares specified portions of Erie County, New York, to be nonnavigable waters of the United States, unless the Secretary finds that proposed projects there are not in the public interest.

Deauthorizes specified navigation projects

  • Black Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers, Jackson, Alabama;
  • Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel, California
  • Bay Island Channel, Illinois
  • Warsaw Boat Harbor, Illinois
  • Kennebunk River, Maine
  • Rockport Harbor, Massachusetts (with a project modification)
  • Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts
  • Duluth- Superior Harbor, Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Tremley Point, New Jersey
  • Angola, New York
  • Wallabout Channel, New York
  • New York and New Jersey Channels
  • Warwick Cove, Rhode Island.

Directs certain real estate transactions in Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Michigan, and South Carolina.

Authorizes projects on the Narraguagus River, Maine, and Cedar Bayou, Texas, to be carried out by the Secretary, but prohibits construction therein until the Secretary determines that the project is technically sound, environmentally acceptable, and economically justified.

Continues project authorizations for: (1) flood control, Sacramento River, California; and (2) flood protection on a portion of such River.

Amends the Water Resources Development Act of 1992 to include St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, within authorized projects to address water quality problems associated with storm water runoffs.

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