Vol. 1 (Hurt Album)

Vol. 1 (Hurt Album)

Vol. 1 is the third official album, but first big name label release, by the rock band HURT, released on March 21, 2006. This album contains many tracks that are very dark in nature, and explain such suggestions as twisted logic from over-obsession in religion in "Rapture", pain from love in both "Falls Apart" and "Unkind", and drug addiction in "Overdose".

This album was released with two different packages. One was the standard jewel case, and the other a cardboard folding case, featuring a few more pieces of artwork inside, and a red bookmark attached to the case. Both pressings, however, contain exactly the same song material.

"House Carpenter" ends at 6:45 and the track continues with a rainstorm sound effect until 8:29, when an apparent hidden track begins. The hidden track is a guitar and several strings playing over the rainstorm, and continues for 1:04. The rainstorm is also heard at the beginning of this band's fourth full-length release, Vol. II. The song ends with the voice of a woman saying "I love you so much". The phrase is also heard in the background of "Unkind" at 1:24.

At a time, there was rumor of an 11-minute version of the song "Rapture". Being J. Loren's personal agenda to have "Rapture" be their first single, this 11-minute version was destroyed, and has been stated to never be heard again.

Two videos have spawned from this album; one for their single, "Rapture", and one for the song "Forever". Both were done in full CGI.

Two songs from this album were released on previous albums. "Cold Inside" originally appeared on The Consumation, and "Unkind" had been drastically changed from the older version on their self-titled album.

Four songs from this album have been released as alternate mixes, known as the CONNECTSets. The songs "Falls Apart", "Shallow", "Rapture", and "Danse Russe" were a part of this set, and are all very similar to the versions that are played during live concerts. The album has sold nearly 150,000 copies since its release.

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