Vaqueros De Bayamón - Rubén Rodríguez Performance

Rubén Rodríguez Performance

Rubén Rodríguez – Stellar player of the Vaqueros for 23 seasons, always wore number 15. Debuted in the league in 1969 and scored 11,549 points and 6,178 rebounds in 631 games. Established various records in the league:

  • Points in a career - Rubén Rodríguez - 11,549 .
  • Points in a season - Rubén Rodríguez - 810 (1979).
  • Points in a game - Rubén Rodríguez - 52 (1973).
  • Rebounds in a career - Rubén Rodríguez - 6,178 .

He also had the record of Rebounds in a season from 1978-2008 this record was broken by Lee Benson on May 3, 2008 also joining the Vaqueros.

Rodríguez spent his whole career with the team Vaqueros of Bayamón. With the Vaqueros, he won 9 national championships, 1967, 1969, five in a row from 1971 to 1975, one in 1981 and one in 1988, the year that the team inaugurated his actual venue, that carries his name, the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum. He also garnered the MVP award in 1979, and, once the three point shot was established for the first time in the Puerto Rican tournament during the 1980 season, he started making shots from behind the three point line too.

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