Tehran Province - Parks, Recreation and Other Attractions

Parks, Recreation and Other Attractions

  • Darband (hiking trail)
  • Chitgar Park
  • Mellat Park
  • Laleh Park
  • Jamshidieh Park
  • Niavaran Park
  • Sa'ei Park
  • Shatranj Park
  • Tangeh Savashi
  • Police Park
  • Darabad hiking trail
  • Darakeh hiking trail
  • Jahan-e Kudak Park
  • Azadi Sports complex
  • Enghelab Sports Complex and Golf course
  • Several caves, springs, and waterfalls outside Tehran.
  • Latyan Lake
  • Lavizan Forest Park
  • Vard-Avard Forest Park
  • Khajeer National Park
  • Kaveer National Park
  • Tar Lake
  • Amir Kabir Lake
  • Lar Protected Natural Habitat
  • Varjeen Protected Natural Habitat

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