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Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry - Post War
... was adopted by the present day army unit 1 (RBY) Signal Squadron ... The 1 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron (Special Communications) is the only British Army Special Communications Unit ... The squadron was formed in 1995, by the amalgamation of 602 Signal Troop (Special Communications) and 1 Squadron 39th Signal Regiment (Special Communications) (Volunteers) ...
Enoggera Barracks - Current Units
... Engineer Support Regiment 1st Topographical Survey Squadron 21st Construction Squadron Royal Australian Corps of Signals 1st Signal Regiment (DJFHQ/1DIV) 101 Signal Squadron 130 Signal ...
Royal New Zealand Corps Of Signals
... The Royal New Zealand Signals Corps (RNZSigs) provides, co-ordinates and operates the communications networks of the New Zealand Army ... Modern signal equipment is essential to the army, demanding skilled operators and technicians ... system operators who operate all sorts of communications equipment and process signals traffic over voice and data circuits ...
18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment - History
... The 18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment was formed around the existing communication capabilities of the Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS), namely 264 Signal Squadron based at Stirling Lines ... The regiment now comprises SBS Signal Squadron 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron 267 (SRR) Signal Squadron 268 (SFSG) Signal Squadron 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (R) ...
Singapore Signals - History
... The Singapore Armed Forces Signals Formation can trace its beginnings to 1954, when the Singapore Corps of Signals (Volunteer), established as a volunteer ... When Singapore merged with the Federation of Malaya in 1963, the squadron was absorbed into the Malaysian Armed Forces as the 4th Federal Infantry Brigade Signal ... During the reorganisation of the Malaysian Signals in 1965, the squadron was renamed the 4th Malaysian Signal Squadron ...

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    By day thy warning ringing bell to sound its notes,
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    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)