Passaic River - Tributaries


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(As encountered travelling upstream to its source):

  • First River (a.k.a. Mill Brook)
  • Second River
  • Third River or Yanticaw River
  • McDonalds Brook
  • Weasel Brook
  • Saddle River
    • Ho-Ho-Kus Brook
  • Fleischer Brook
  • Lyncrest Brook
  • Little Diamond Brook
  • Diamond Brook
  • Stevenson Brook
  • Goffle Brook
    • Deep Voll Brook
  • Molly Ann Brook
    • Squaw Brook
  • Slippery Rock Brook
  • Peckman River
  • Singac Brook
  • Deepavaal Brook
  • Pompton River
    • Pequannock River
      • Wanaque River
    • Ramapo River
      • Mahwah River
  • Rockaway River
    • Whippany River
  • Foulerton's Brook
  • Spring Garden Brook
  • Slough Brook
  • Canoe Brook
  • Cory's Brook
  • Dead River
  • Black Brook
  • Great Brook
  • Loantaka Brook
  • Primrose Brook
  • Penns Brook
  • Indian Grove Brook
  • Naakpunkt Brook
  • Salt Brook

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