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Henry I, Holy Roman Emperor - Imperial Policies
... Upon assuming the German throne, Henry II revised many policies of his predecessor, Emperor Otto III ... Whereas Otto III had promoted a policy of "Restoration of the Roman Empire" (Renovatio imperii Romanorum), Henry II sought a policy of "Restoration of the Frankish Kingdom" (Re ... During the reign of Otto III, Bolesław I had been a loyal ally of the Empire ...
Papal Selection Before 1059 - Crescentii Era (974–1012)
... Otto I's successor, Otto II, was impelled to take over Rome by force in 980 to depose Antipope Boniface VII and install his preferred candidate Pope John XIV (9 ... XV, the candidate of the Roman nobles upon the death of Otto II, did not survive long enough to be deposed by Otto III, who engineered the election ... Gregory V could not remain on the throne once Otto III headed back for Germany, and the Romans replaced him with Antipope John XVI temporarily until Otto III could return ...
List of Papal Appointments - Crescentii
... However, it is known that Crescentius the Younger deferred to Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor for the choice of the successor of John XV Pope Gregory V, Otto III's cousin ... to support Antipope John XVI, who was deposed with some difficulty by Otto III, who proceeded to have John XVI mutilated and Crescentius the Younger killed ... John Crescentius, the son of Crescentius the Younger, Otto III and Pope Sylvester II were expelled from Rome the three successors of Sylvester II (who was later permitted ...
Otto III, Prince Of Anhalt-Bernburg - Marriages and Issue
... By his unknown first wife, Otto had two sons Bernhard VI, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg (d. 2 February 1468) Otto IV, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg (d ... Before 1391 Otto married for a second time to Lutrudis (d ...
Gospels Of Otto III
... The Gospels of Otto III (Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 4453) is a late 10th or early 11th century illuminated Gospel Book ... includes a page miniature of the enthrone Otto III being brought gifts by personifications of the four provinces of the Empire, Roma, Gallia ...

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    Napoleon wanted to turn Paris into Rome under the Caesars, only with louder music and more marble. And it was done. His architects gave him the Arc de Triomphe and the Madeleine. His nephew Napoleon III wanted to turn Paris into Rome with Versailles piled on top, and it was done. His architects gave him the Paris Opera, an addition to the Louvre, and miles of new boulevards.
    Tom Wolfe (b. 1931)

    Some smart man once said that on the most exalted throne in the world we are seated on nothing but our own arse.
    Wendell Mayes, U.S. screenwriter. Otto Preminger. CINCPAC II (Henry Fonda)