Ohio High School Speech League

The Ohio High School Speech League (OHSSL) is the body that organizes high school forensic competition in the state of Ohio. The OHSSL provides all of the National Forensic League events, but several other events including Oratorical Interpretation, and Prose & Poetry. In the 2001-2002 season Impromptu Speaking was added as an experimental event. The following year Impromptu was made an official OHSSL event. OHSSL also offers many other common events such as debate (Public Forum, Policy, and Lincoln Douglas) and IE events such as Drama and International and Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking. Each of the districts takes part in a district tournament, where a set number of people can move on to compete in the State Championship.

The Sharen Althoff US Extemp Award is an award given to the US Extemporaneous Speaker who receives the most firsts in rounds for the duration of the tournament.

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