Mountains of Lower Saxony - Highest Points in Lower Saxony's Regions

Highest Points in Lower Saxony's Regions

The following table lists the highest points in the various landscapes (hill ranges or regions) of Lower Saxony.

In the "Landscape" column, major hill ranges are shown in bold. Clicking "List" in the rows of the "List" column links to other hills or mountains in that landscape – some of which are outside Lower Saxony. The table is arranged by height, but may be sorted by other criteria by clicking the symbol of the desired column.

Mountain / hill



District(s) or town(s)

Wurmberg 0971.2 Harz List Goslar
Haferberg 0580.4 Kaufungen Forest List ttingen
Große Blöße 0527.8 Solling List Northeim
Köterberg 0495.8 Lippe Uplands --- Holzminden
Bloße Zelle 0480.4 Hils List Hildesheim,
Hoher Hagen
0480.0 Dransfeld Municipal Forest List Göttingen
Ebersnacken 0460.4 Vogler List Holzminden
Holzberg 0444.5 Holzberg List Holzminden
Kanstein 0441.0 Thüster Berg --- Hameln-Pyrmont
Lauensteiner Kopf 0439.0 Ith List Hameln-Pyrmont
Hohe Egge 0437.5 Süntel List Hameln-Pyrmont
Mackenröder Spitze 0427.5 Göttingen Forest List Göttingen
Fast 0419.2 Osterwald List Hameln-Pyrmont
Sackberg 0411.4 Ahlsburg List Northeim
Helleberg 0409.6 Elfas List Holzminden
Totenberg 0408.0 Bramwald List Göttingen
Bröhn 0405.0 Deister List Hanover Region
unnamed summit 0406.1 Homburg Forest List Holzminden
Hohe Egge 0395.0 Selter List Hildesheim,
Hohe Tafel 0395.0 Sieben Berge List Hildesheim
Belzer Berg 0392.2 Amtsberge List Northeim
Balos 0379.0 Weper List Northeim
Grasberg 0378.2 Nesselberg List Hameln-Pyrmont
Ahrensberg 0374.0 Sackwald List Hildesheim
Diebische Ecke 0367.0 Bückeberg List Schaumburg
Griesberg 0358.9 Hildesheim Forest List Hildesheim
Burgberg 0355.0 Burgberg List Holzminden
Hainberg 0353.0 Vorberge List Hildesheim
Wolfsköpfe 0345.7 Kleiner Deister List Hanover Region
Fuchshöhlenberg 0346.2 Hube List Northeim
Dörenberg 0331.2 Teutoburg Forest List Osnabrück
Babenstein 0331.0 Duinger Berg --- Hildesheim
Möncheberg 0326.1 Weser Uplands List Schaumburg
Reuberg 0328.2 Reuberg --- Hildesheim,
Eilumer Horn 0323.3 Elm List Wolfenbüttel
Hohe Dehne 0317.6 Heber List Hildesheim
Rotenberg 0317.3 Rotenberg List Göttingen,
Osterode am Harz
Hammersteinshöhe 0317.0 Sauberge List Hildesheim
Bärenkopf 0307.0 Salzgitter Ridge List Goslar
Steinberg 0300.3 Steinberg --- Hildesheim
Kalter Buschkopf 0299.0 Hainberg List Wolfenbüttel
Riesberg 0290.0 Harplage List Hildesheim
unnamed summit 0260.0 Külf --- Hildesheim
Harlyberg 0255.9 Harly Forest --- Goslar
Buchberg 0255.0 Weinberg --- Hildesheim
Adlershorst 0254.2 Lichtenberge

Knebelberg 0243.0 Vorholz List Hildesheim
Hesterbrink 0234.3 Wiehen Hills List Osnabrück
Remlinger Herse 0234.0 Asse List Wolfenbüttel
Hüggel 0225.6 Hüggel List Osnabrück
Hungerberg 0205.0 Oderwald List Wolfenbüttel
Süllberg 0198.2 Calenberg Land List Hanover
Kollwesshöh 0181.4 Stemweder Berg List Minden-Lübbecke
unnamed summit 0173.3 Benther Berg --- Hanover Region
Wilseder Berg 0169.2 Lüneburg Heath List Heidekreis
unnamed summit 0162.6 Giesen Hills --- Hildesheim
Brunnenberg 0161.4 Rehburg Hills List Nienburg/Weser
Burgberg 0155.0 Gehrdener Berg --- Hanover Region
Hülsenberg 0155.0 Harburg Hills List Harburg
Signalberg 0146.0 Damme Hills List Vechta
Hoher Mechtin 0142.0 Drawehn --- Lüchow-Dannenberg
Trillenberg 0140.0 Ankum Heights List Osnabrück
Kiekeberg 0127.0 The Black Hills

unnamed summit 0122.8 Stemmer Berg List Hanover Region
Kettelsberg 0108.1 Gehn List Osnabrück
Flidderberg 0107.0 Lohberge

Hüttenberg 0101.0 Grinderwald List Hanover Region
Windmühlenberg 0091.0 Lingener Höhe List Emsland
Silberberg 0074.0 Wingst List Cuxhaven
Windberg 0073.0 Hümmling List Emsland
Litberg 0065.0 Stade Geest --- Stade
Gieren- & Kistenberg 0023.0 Osenberge --- Oldenburg

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