List of Tripoints of England - Ceremonial County Tripoints

Ceremonial County Tripoints

The table contains a list of the 68 tripoints for the ceremonial counties of England following the changes of the Local Government Act 1972 and Lieutenancies Act 1997. Also included are the four points at which two counties meet the national border (three with Wales, one with Scotland). For each tripoint the counties are ordered with the first alphabetically given first, and the counties listed anti-clockwise around the point from there.

County 1 County 2 County 3 Grid Ref Notes
Devon Dorset Somerset ST328027
Dorset Wiltshire Somerset ST773311
Dorset Hampshire Wiltshire SU031211
Hampshire West Sussex Surrey SU873326
East Sussex Surrey West Sussex TQ419398
East Sussex Kent Surrey TQ434401
Berkshire Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire SU766834
Berkshire Surrey Buckinghamshire TQ026757
Berkshire Hampshire Surrey SU854599
Berkshire Wiltshire Hampshire SU350590
Berkshire Oxfordshire Wiltshire SU289807
Greater London Surrey Kent TQ424568
Essex Hertfordshire Greater London TQ375999
Essex Greater London Kent TQ535786
Cambridgeshire Norfolk Lincolnshire TF466178
Cambridgeshire Suffolk Norfolk TL652848
Cambridgeshire Essex Suffolk TL649435
Cambridgeshire Hertfordshire Essex TL420361
Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire Lincolnshire TF019057
Lincolnshire Rutland Northamptonshire TF019057
Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire TL263440
Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire SP997152
Bedfordshire Northamptonshire Buckinghamshire SP911559
Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire TL046705
Buckinghamshire Greater London Hertfordshire TQ039900
Buckinghamshire Surrey Greater London TQ035755
Buckinghamshire Northamptonshire Oxfordshire SP605356
Bristol Somerset Gloucestershire ST646700
Gloucestershire Somerset Wiltshire ST796700
Gloucestershire Herefordshire Wales SO552143
Gloucestershire Worcestershire Herefordshire SO759358
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Worcestershire SP160460
Gloucestershire Oxfordshire Warwickshire SP230321
Gloucestershire Wiltshire Oxfordshire SU220991
Herefordshire Shropshire Wales SO350727
Herefordshire Worcestershire Shropshire SO577677
West Midlands Worcestershire Warwickshire SP088744
Northamptonshire Warwickshire Oxfordshire SP458524
Leicestershire Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire SK821428
Leicestershire Rutland Lincolnshire SK902184
Leicestershire Northamptonshire Rutland SP873926
Leicestershire Warwickshire Northamptonshire SP544779
Leicestershire Staffordshire Warwickshire SK278100
Staffordshire West Midlands Warwickshire SP144989
Staffordshire Worcestershire West Midlands SO889813
Shropshire Worcestershire Staffordshire SO805841
Derbyshire South Yorkshire West Yorkshire SE118027
Derbyshire Nottinghamshire South Yorkshire SK534797
Derbyshire Leicestershire Nottinghamshire SK493309
Derbyshire Staffordshire Leicestershire SK273115
Derbyshire West Yorkshire Greater Manchester SE061046
Cheshire Greater Manchester Merseyside SJ617945
Cheshire Derbyshire Greater Manchester SJ980859
Cheshire Staffordshire Derbyshire SK009685
Cheshire Shropshire Staffordshire SJ745446
Cheshire Wales Shropshire SJ512431
Greater Manchester West Yorkshire Lancashire SD904206
Greater Manchester Lancashire Merseyside SD516028
East Riding Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire SK799960
East Riding South Yorkshire Nottinghamshire SE707011
East Riding North Yorkshire South Yorkshire SE629181
Lancashire West Yorkshire North Yorkshire SD970393
North Yorkshire West Yorkshire South Yorkshire SE508141
Durham Tyne and Wear Northumberland NZ115567
Cumbria Durham Northumberland NY800440
Cumbria North Yorkshire Durham NY890070
Cumbria Lancashire North Yorkshire SD700813
Cumbria Northumberland Scotland NY561884

In addition, between 1974 and 1996 the counties of Avon and Cleveland resulted in three further tripoints that are no longer in existence.

County 1 County 2 County 3 Grid Ref Notes
Avon Wiltshire Gloucestershire ST812865
Avon Somerset Wiltshire ST799585
Cleveland Durham North Yorkshire NZ196157

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