List of Fictitious Stories in Romance of The Three Kingdoms - Zhang Liao's Death

Zhang Liao's Death

In chapter 86 of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, after the Battle of Xiaoting, Zhuge Liang sent Deng Zhi as an emissary to Eastern Wu to negotiate for peace between Wu and Shu Han, and Deng succeeded in his mission. Cao Pi was furious when he heard that Wu had come to a truce with Shu, so he personally led an army to attack Wu. Zhang Liao, Xu Huang and other prominent Cao Wei generals also participated in the campaign. In one battle, Cao Pi was attacked by the Wu general Ding Feng, so Zhang Liao came to his aid. Zhang Liao was hit in the waist by an arrow fired by Ding Feng, but he and Xu Huang managed to protect Cao Pi and escort him to safety. Zhang Liao died from his arrow wound after returning to Xuchang. Cao Pi held a grand funeral for Zhang Liao.

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