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Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. V. Nintendo Of America, Inc. - Legacy
... The Ninth Circuit referred to the Galoob ruling in Micro Star v ... In that case, Judge Alex Kozinski concluded that the fair use analysis in Galoob v ... did not abrogate Midway or affirm Galoob ...
Spice Girls Doll - Galoob Collections
... Galoob Five doll collections "Girl Power" - Autumn 1997 - ©1997 Galoob Toys, Inc ... "On Tour" - June 1998 - ©1998 Galoob Toys, Inc ... with long hair, 2nd with new short bob) "Superstar Collection" - August 1998 - ©1998 Galoob Toys, Inc ...
Codemasters - History - Console Modifications
... cartridge for the NES, released in the US by Galoob and in Canada and the UK by Camerica ... In an ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit, Nintendo sued Galoob in the case Galoob v ...
Franchises Licensed To Galoob For Merchandising
... toys) Baby Face (toy) Battle Squads Military Action Fleet BlackStar Biker Mice from Mars (1993 series) Bouncing Babies Cutie Club Defenders of the Earth Dinosaucers (not ...
Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. V. Nintendo Of America, Inc.
... Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc ... Under license from UK company Codemasters, Galoob manufactured an add-on product called Game Genie, which allowed users to modify video games by entering in ... and video games that could be modified by Game Genie, sued Galoob for copyright infringement, alleging that Game Genie made a derivative work, violating Nintendo's ...

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