Hildesheim - Incorporations


  • 1911: Moritzberg
  • 1912: Steuerwald
  • 1938: Drispenstedt and Neuhof
  • 1971: Ochtersum
  • 1974: Achtum-Uppen, Bavenstedt, Einum, Himmelsthür, Itzum, Marienburg, Marienrode and Sorsum

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... was slow, but by 1988 a steady core of incorporation work was evident ... badly shook investor confidence in Panama, and incorporations in the British Virgin Islands under the Act soared from 1991 onwards ... From 1991 the Act was remarkably successful generating large numbers of incorporations ...
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... These "territorial" lodges ran parallel to another set of civic organisations, incorporations, often linking masons with other workers in the building trades, such as wrights ... While in some places (Stirling and Dundee), the lodges and incorporations became indistinguishable, in other places the incorporation linked the trade to the ... territorial lodge offered a form of craft self-governance distinct from the incorporation ...
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... seen a massive increase in so-called cross-border-incorporations ... which have dedicated massive resources on promoting European cross-border-incorporations ... In Norway, the development of cross-border-incorporations has been headed by mainly the Law Firm of Varjag (Supreme Court advocate Austlid) and Panlegis Group (formerly the Law Firm ...