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The Ohio State University College Of Dentistry - History
... State University College of Dentistry in Hamilton Hall In 1925, the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry moved on campus to Hamilton Hall ... the skylights were once positioned.) The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in Postle Hall In 1951, the College moved to a new building north of Hamilton Hall ...
Columbia University Protests Of 1968 - Protests - April Student Strike and Occupations
... Park back to Columbia's campus, where students took over Hamilton Hall, a building housing both classrooms and the offices of the Columbia College Administration ... During the takeover of Hamilton Hall, the 60 African American Students at Columbia involved with the protest then stated that the white students were not wanted in Hamilton Hall ... Soon after, the whites left Hamilton Hall and moved to Low Library, which housed the President’s office ...
Chestnut Street District - Hamilton Hall
... Hamilton Hall is a National Historic Landmark at 9 Chestnut Street in Salem, Massachusetts ... Hamilton Hall was built in 1805 by Samuel McIntire and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 ...
John Jacobs (student Leader) - Rise and Role in Students For A Democratic Society - Columbia Protests of 1968
... Rudd then shouted that the crowd should seize Hamilton Hall ... Jacobs led the seizure of Mathematics Hall ... Black students in Hamilton Hall had contacted civil rights lawyers, who had arranged to be on-site during the arrests and for the students to leave Hamilton Hall peacefully ...
Hamilton Hall (Columbia University) - History
... The original Hamilton Hall was built in the Gothic Revival style and located on Madison Avenue on the college's former Midtown campus ... in the 1890s, there were originally no plans for the area south of 116th Street, where Hamilton Hall now sits, or for any facilities dedicated to the ... Nevertheless, college advocates persevered and the cornerstone for the new Hamilton Hall was laid in 1905 ...

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