Guo Nüwang

Guo Nüwang (184–235), formally known as Empress Wende (文德皇后; literally: "The Civil and Virtuous Empress"), was an empress of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. She was married to Cao Pi (Emperor Wen), the first emperor of Cao Wei.

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Guo Nüwang - As Empress Dowager
... How Empress Dowager Guo came to die, however, is a matter of historical controversy ... one) states that at some point during Cao Rui's reign, Consort Li told him Empress Dowager Guo's role in Lady Zhen's death—and further told him that after Lady Zhen died, it was at Empress Dowager Guo's ... Cao Rui became enraged and confronted Empress Dowager Guo—who could not deny her involvement directly ...