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Emperor Go-Kameyama - Eras of Go-Kameyama's Reign
... Nanboku-chō southern court Eras as reckoned by legitimate Court (as determined by Meiji rescript) Kōwa (1381–1384) Genchū (1384–1393) Nanboku-chō northern court Eras as ...
Dunstan - Early Life (909–43) - School To The King's Court
... He was later appointed to the court of King Athelstan ... the king and was the envy of other members of the court ... The king ordered him to leave the court and as Dunstan was leaving the palace his enemies physically attacked him, beat him severely, bound him, and threw him into a cesspool ...
Iona Nikitchenko
22, 1967, Moscow, Russian SFSR) was a judge of the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union ... His court experience started in May 1920 when he was appointed as the chairman-deputy of the Military Court of Semirechye Army Group during the Civil War ... In 1924 was appointed as the member of the Military Court Collegiate of the Moscow Military District ...
EFTA Court - Notable Cases - Fundamental Rights
... In Case E-8/97 TV 1000 (1998 EFTA Court Report, 68), the Court interpreted the transmitting state principle underlying the so-called “TV Without Frontiers” Directive 89/552/EEC and referred to the freedom ... In Case E-2/02 Bellona (2003 EFTA Court Report, 52), the EFTA Court held in the context of an action for nullity against a decision of the EFTA Surveillance Authority ... The EFTA Court stated that it was aware of the ongoing debate with regard to the issue of the standing of natural and legal persons in actions against ...
Wyoming - State Law and Government - Judicial System
... Wyoming's highest court is the Supreme Court of Wyoming, with five justices presiding over appeals from the state's lower courts ... in that it does not have an intermediate appellate court, like most states ... Appeals from the state district courts go directly to the Wyoming Supreme Court ...

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