Education Quality and Accountability Office - Purpose - EQAO Vs Classroom Tests

EQAO Vs Classroom Tests

It is important to note that EQAO tests have different goals and intentions than normal classroom tests. These tests are not the same, but when considering the EQAO test results along with the classroom results, they can provide a meaningful picture of the students' overall learning.

Classroom tests:

  • measure how well students have learned specific information;
  • provide quick results teachers can use to modify teaching strategies;
  • may have subjective components, based on the teacher’s knowledge of each student, and
  • provide results that may not be comparable across the school, board or province

EQAO tests:

  • measure students’ cumulative knowledge and skills in relation to a provincial standard;
  • are given at key stages of students’ education;
  • are administered, scored and reported on in a consistent and objective manner and
  • provide results that are comparable across the school, board, and province from year to year

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