Dispersion Relations

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Reinhard Oehme - Work - Dispersion Relations, GMO Sum Rule, and Edge of The Wedge Theorem
... Goldberger and Hironari Miyazawa on the dispersion relations for pion-nucleon scattering, which also contains the Goldberger-Miyazawa-Oehme Sum Rule ... Oehme published a proper derivation of hadronic forward dispersion relations on the basis of local quantum field theory in an article published in Il Nuovo Cimento ... of locality and spectrum, like the dispersion relations ...
History Of String Theory - 1943-1958: S-Matrix
... the late 1950s when several theorists recognized that dispersion relations like those discovered by Hendrik Kramers and Ralph Kronig allow a notion of causality to be formulated, a notion that events in the future ... The dispersion relations were analytic properties of the S-matrix, and they were more stringent conditions than those that follow from unitarity alone ... Mandelstam had discovered the double-dispersion relations, a new and powerful analytic form, in 1958, and believed that it would be the key to progress in the intractable strong interactions ...
Electromagnetic Electron Wave - Dispersion Relations
... The dispersion relation can be written as an expression for the frequency (squared), but it is also common to write it as an expression for the index of refraction ck/ω (squared) ... Summary of electromagnetic electron waves conditions dispersion relation name light wave O wave X wave (right circ ...

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