Cell Culture Assays

In Biomaterials Testing, a cell culture assay is any method which is used to assess the cytotoxicity of a material. This refers to the in vitro assessment of material to determine whether it releases toxic chemicals in sufficient quantities to kill cells either directly or indirectly through the inhibition of cell metabolic pathways. Cell culture evaluations are the precursor to whole animal studies and are a way to determine if significant cytotoxicity exists for the given material. Cell culture assays are standardized by ASTM, ISO, and BSI (British Standards Institution.)

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Cell Culture Assays - Methods - Elution Method
... confluent layer of fibroblasts are prepared in a culture plate An extract of the material which is being tested is prepared using physiological saline or serum free media (the latter is generally preferred ... which are most similar to the physiological environment but the cells are susceptible to trauma if the material moves ... but there is a serious risk of the cells going into thermal shock when they are overlayed with agar ...

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