Bogolyubov or Boholyubov (Russian and Ukrainian: Боголюбов) is a surname in Russia and Ukraine. Spellings Bogoljubov and Bogoliubov are also used. The feminine form is Bogolyubova (Russian: Боголюбова). The following persons have this surname:

  • Alexey Bogolyubov (1824–1896), Russian landscape painter
  • Ārons Bogoļubovs (born 1938), Soviet Olympic medalist judoka
  • Efim Bogoljubov (1889–1952), leading Ukrainian-German chess Grandmaster
  • Nikolay Bogolyubov (1909–1992), famous Russian theoretical physicist and mathematician
  • Nikolay Bogolyubov (actor) (1899–1980), Russian actor
  • Nikolay Bogolyubov (junior) (born 1940), Russian theoretical physicist, son of Nikolay Bogolyubov
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Nikolay Bogolyubov - Biography - Moscow (1943–?)
... In autumn 1943, Bogolyubov came from evacuation to Moscow and on 1 November 1943 he accepted a position in the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Moscow State University (MSU) ... In the period 1943–1946, Bogolyubov's resesarch was essentially concerned with the theory of stochastic processes and asymptotic methods ... In 1945, Bogolyubov proved a fundamental theorem on the existence and basic properties of a one-parameter integral manifold for a system of non-linear differential equations ...
Nikolay Bogolyubov - Biography - Awards
... Nikolay Bogolyubov received various high USSR honors and international awards ... Institutions, awards and locations have been named in Bogolyubov's memory N.N ... Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Problems of Microphysics (Moscow State University) Bogoliubov Institute of Theoretical Physics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine) Bogoliubov Laboratory of ...
Nikolay Bogolyubov - Biography - Early Life (1909–1921)
... Nikolay Bogolyubov was born on 21 August 1909 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Empire to Russian Orthodox Church priest and seminary teacher of theology, psychology and philosophy Nikolay ... The Bogolyubovs relocated to the village of Velikaya Krucha in the Poltava Governorate (now in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine) in 1919, where the young Nikolay Bogolyubov began to study physics and ... where they continued to live in poverty as the elder Nikolay Bogolyubov only found a position as a priest in 1923 ...
Alexey Bogolyubov - Biography
... Bogolyubov was born in the Pomeranian village of Novgorod Gubernia ... His father was retired colonel Pyotr Gavriilovich Bogolyubov ... Bogolyubov's maternal grandfather was the well-known philosopher and social critic Alexander Radishchev ...
Krylov–Bogolyubov Theorem
... In mathematics, the Krylov–Bogolyubov theorem (also known as the existence of invariant measures theorem) may refer to either of the two related fundamental theorems within the theory of dynamical systems ... mathematicians and theoretical physicists Nikolay Krylov and Nikolay Bogolyubov who proved the theorems ...