Bit Field

A bit field is a common idiom used in computer programming to store multiple, logical, neighboring bits, where each of the sets of bits, and single bits can be addressed. A bit field is most commonly used to represent integral types of known, fixed bit-width. A well-known usage of bit-fields is to represent a set of bits, and/or series of bits, known as flags. For example, the first bit in a bit field can be used to determine the state of a particular attribute associated with the bit field.

A bit field is distinguished from a bit array in that the latter is used to store a large set of bits indexed by integers and is often wider than any integral type supported by the language. Bit fields, on the other hand, typically fit within a machine word, and the denotation of bits is independent of their numerical index.

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... Instead, for Ethernet frames, it adds a 32-bit field between the source MAC address and the EtherType/Length fields of the original frame, extending the minimum and ... The TCI field is further divided into PCP, CFI, and VID. 16 bits 3 bits 1 bit 12 bits TPID TCI PCP CFI VID Tag Protocol Identifier (TPID) a 16-bit field set to a value of 0x8100 in order to identify the frame as an IEEE 802.1Q-tagged frame ...
... They used a memory system which had 25 bits width, and could be configured with from 8,192 words to 32,768 words of memory. 25 for the data word, 2 for "modulo-3 check" bits, and 2 for spares ... It supported the following data formats 25 bit signed binary numbers excess-3 binary coded decimal with 4 bits per digit, allowing 6 digit signed decimal numbers alphanumerics with 6 bits ...
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... C also provides a special type of structure member known as a bit field, which is an integer with an explicitly specified number of bits ... A bit field is declared as a structure member of type int, signed int, unsigned int, or _Bool, following the member name by a colon () and the number of bits it ... The total number of bits in a single bit field must not exceed the total number of bits in its declared type ...
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... Declaring a bit field in C #include // opaque and show #define YES 1 #define NO 0 // line styles #define SOLID 1 #define DOTTED 2 #define DASHED 3 // primary colors #define BLUE 4 // 100 #defin ...

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