Battle of Xincheng

The Meng Da Rebellion, also known as the Battle of Xincheng, was a revolt that took place in the state of Cao Wei between late 227 and early 228 during the Three Kingdoms period. The rebellion was initiated by Meng Da, a former Shu Han general who defected to Wei and was placed in charge of Xincheng commandery (located in the vicinity of present-day northwestern Hubei) in Jing Province. The revolt was swiftly suppressed within a month by the Wei general Sima Yi and Meng Da was captured and executed.

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Sima Yi - Service Under Cao Rui - Battle of Xincheng
... to Wei and Cao Pi entrusted him as Administrator of Xincheng ... to go to Cao Rui and request permission to raise troops, then to reach Xincheng ... However, Sima Yi was already on his way and reached Xincheng in 8 days, quickly defeating the unprepared Meng Da, who was killed in the battle ...
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... stage in the Koei video game Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends, in which it is known as the "Battle of Xin Castle" ...

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