Bakhtiar or Bakhtiyar (Persian: اسفيد‎) may refer to:

  • Bakhtiar (name)
  • Bakhtiar, Alborz, Iran
  • Bakhtiar, Bagh-e Malek, Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Bakhtiar, Izeh, Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Bakhtiar, Razavi Khorasan, Iran

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Laleh Bakhtiar - Works
... Laleh Bakhtiar's translation attempts to take a female perspective, and to admit alternative meanings to many Arabic terms that are ambiguous or whose meaning scholars have had to guess because of ... Bakhtiar believes these translations will not push non-Muslims away from Islam ... Bakhtiar has stopped wearing the headscarf, worn by many Muslim women, after the September 11 attacks, as she came to believe that in America it does not promote its goal of modesty and attracts excessive attention ...
Lailee Bakhtiar
... Lailee McNair Bakhtiar just finished her latest novel, "They Shake the Desert Sands." Former host of "Authors and Critics", a television series on PBS, McNair ... the daughter of a Persian mother from the Bakhtiar tribe and a father from four generations of the United States Naval Academy, Frederick Vallette McNair, III ...
Nilofar Bakhtiar - Parachuting Controversy
... Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz rejected this resignation but Bakhtiar insisted and quit ... Ms Bakhtiar complained of a campaign of intimidation against her, and had told a Senate Standing Committee that her life was under threat ... Ms Bakhtiar said she was disappointed by her Cabinet colleagues who had failed to stand by her ...
Lailee Bakhtiar - Reviews
... Ca, host Jack Foley, Cover to Cover…Lailee Bakhtiar’s prose is deliberately poetic, rhythmic….” Roxane Farmanfarmaian “Lailee Bakhtiar, whose own blood courses with the fire of the Persian nomads. 1999 The Oakland Tribune, Oakland, Ca, by Pamela Fisher…Lailee (McNair) Bakhtiar, producer and host of the Bay Area literary show, ‘Authors and Critics’ may have hit a home run…Wed.Dec 23, 1998 ... This season, host Lailee Bakhtiar…” Book-Based TV Show Goes National, Dec 7, 1998 Talk Radio/Talk TV, “…an accomplished writer and the monthly book reviewer for seven independent ...
Teymur Bakhtiar - Rise To Power
... Bakhtiar rose rapidly in Iran's military after the fall of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953 ... Bakhtiar waged an extensive campaign against the communist Tudeh party he arrested and had 24 Tudeh leaders summarily tried and executed, including Khalil Tahmasebi, the assassin of former ... Bakhtiar was made head of the newly formed intelligence and security service SAVAK in February 1958 ...