American Chinese

American Chinese may refer to:

  • Sino-American relations, the relations between mainland China and the United States
  • Chinese American, US citizens/residents of Chinese origin or descent
    • American-born Chinese, a subset of the above category
    • Chinese American cuisine, Chinese cuisine developed by Chinese immigrants to the United States
  • Americans in China, especially those who participated in the building of Communism, such as:
    • Ma Haide (George Hatem) (1910–1988), formerly George Hatem, a doctor and public health official
    • Joan Hinton (a former nuclear physicist) and her husband Erwin Engst, who worked in agriculture near Beijing and made significant contributions to the dairy industry
    • Sidney Rittenberg, an interpreter, scholar, and former member of the Communist Party of China, who eventually returned to the United States
    • Sidney Shapiro, translator of the Chinese classic Water Margin
  • Persons of mixed "American" (usually meaning White American) and Chinese descent; see:
    • Eurasian (mixed ancestry), people of mixed Asian and European ancestry
    • Amerasian

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