Air Raids

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Australian Home Front During World War II - Air Raids
97 air-raids were conducted against Australia by the Japanese Airforce through 1942 and 1943 ...
Shia Insurgency In Yemen - Alleged Foreign Involvement - United States
... however claim that US involvement started on 14 December when the US launched 28 air raids ... were killed and 44 injured by the alleged US air raids on the regions of Amran, Hajjah and Sa'ada in North Yemen, a Houthi leader was quoted as saying "The US air force perpetrated an appalling ... promotion of freedoms of citizens as well as democracy." The Houthi claimed that new air raids on 18 December killed 63 civilians, including 28 children and injured at least 90 people ...
Battle Of Dachen Archipelago - The Battle - Air Raids
... two unsuccessful Communist bombing missions, the Nationalists believed that this third air raid would be equally inept and were not fully prepared ... regrouped and set up more effective air defense, the effort was futile because the second wave of attack struck a place completely unexpected by the local defenders the reservoir ... On February 2, 1955, the Communist air force bombed the Southern Deer Mountain Archipelago ...
Raid On Taipei - Background
... As early as 1943, Fourteenth Air Force of the United States Army Air Forces and units of the combined air force of U.S ... and Nationalist China had launched several air raids against military and industrial targets in Taiwan ... Before this, Soviet volunteer units and Chinese air force had attacked military bases around Taipei Area, most of which were targeted on smaller objectives and ...
Shia Insurgency In Yemen - Timeline - Round 6: August 2009 – February 2010
17, more than 80 people were killed in an air raid on a camp for displaced people in northern Yemen ... On November 5, Saudi Arabia responded by launching heavy air strikes on rebels in northern Yemen, and moved troops nearer the border ... government officials said only that the air force had bombed Yemeni rebels who had seized a border area inside the kingdom, which they said had now been recaptured ...

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